300 Million Question

This month, we thought we’d take the time to tell our story—the story of IPT Africa’s mission to help the UK international charity sector. It’s a story that starts with a number—a big number. £300,000,000+. We estimate that 99% of the charities in England and Wales lose that much yearly due to excessive FX rates, […]

Compliance Overkill Part 2: Onboarding Process

We focused on the topic that was identified as one that charities felt was their biggest challenge when dealing with international payment providers, namely ‘Compliance Overkill in the context of sensitive payments, opening an account, due diligence reviews, etc. When it comes time to fulfil reporting obligations and regulatory requirements, FIs must show that they’ve […]

Compliance Overkill Part 1: Enhanced Due Diligence & A Need for Efficiencies.

During a recent IPT Africa survey, we asked a charity audience, “…what do you feel are the biggest challenges facing charities when it comes to international payment providers in the financial sector?” Coming out resoundingly on top at 71.43% was “Compliance Overkill (in the context of sensitive payments, opening an account, due diligence reviews, etc.)” […]

Finance & The 3rd Sector: Why the Gap?

Is it fair to say that the relationship between finance/banking and the third sector is at an all-time low? And if so, what’s behind it? A CFG (Charity Finance Group) study (1)* from 2018 detailed a survey that found 79% of the 34 charities surveyed faced some kind of difficulty in accessing or using mainstream […]

Dispelling the myths – Hedging in an INGO World.

In the world of FX and payments, hedging is the go-to tool for FX brokers to secure business revenues, as well as offering solutions that meet numerous client-type needs, meaning everybody wins. Hedging is a risk-mitigation strategy used broadly that benefits a large number of different business models through various levels of sophistication, that is, […]

Empowering Change: Transforming the Third Sector with Innovative Digital Payment Solutions

In the rapidly changing landscape of technology, nonprofits across Africa and emerging markets face a critical juncture. Embracing digital disruption has become a necessity for organizations seeking to maximize their impact and create lasting change. Many third-sector leaders remain skeptical, but it is time for NGOs to recognize the transformative power of technology and embark […]

Managing Your Cash Flow in Emerging Markets

In today’s globalized economy, many businesses and organizations operate across multiple borders, making treasury management more important and complex than ever. This complexity is particularly pronounced for NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) operating in Africa due to the unique challenges of working with different currencies, time zones, and banking structures. NGOs play a vital role in promoting […]

Managing your payroll in Emerging Markets

According to a Harvard Business Review survey, 63% of international organisations plan to expand their global presence, and 37% plan to enter new emerging markets within the next 12 months. Payroll is challenging and complex, especially for those organisations operating in multiple emerging markets. By understanding the uniqueness of payroll management, organisations can navigate these […]

Payment corridors: Operate globally, connect locally

Payment corridors refer to the global network of currencies and countries financial institutions and intermediaries use to facilitate cross-border payments. Accessing local currencies and networks is critical to operating efficiently in emerging and frontier markets.   As local payment requirements become more prevalent in emerging economies, there is an increasing need for global businesses operating in […]

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