Managing Your Cash Flow in Emerging Markets

In today’s globalized economy, many businesses and organizations operate across multiple borders, making treasury management more important and complex than ever. This complexity is particularly pronounced for NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) operating in Africa due to the unique challenges of working with different currencies, time zones, and banking structures. NGOs play a vital role in promoting social change and addressing humanitarian issues. However, the financial management challenges faced by them are often complex and unique, requiring effective treasury management solutions to optimize financial resources, reduce risk, and ensure financial stability over the long term.

Furthermore, legacy payment rails are slow, expensive, and require pre-funding of accounts in local currencies on each side of a transaction. This ties up working capital, straining forecasting efforts and preventing alternative uses for these funds. In addition, it has become increasingly challenging for NGOs to send funds to and from certain countries and regions. Even major banks are finding it difficult to maintain funding in these complex payment corridors due to a lack of foreign exchange and capital flow. Without readily available, highly liquid connections to these areas, treasury departments can be caught off guard when paying employees and vendors or collecting revenue from these markets in a timely, cost-effective way.

Fortunately, there’s a way to simplify the management of your International Development Organisations’ finances. To conquer the challenges posed by limited access to liquid assets, delayed payment settlement, and inadequate tracking and transparency of fund movement, treasury teams are now looking towards digital payment solutions for support. This offers enhanced liquidity accessibility, real-time payment settlement, and better monitoring and clarity over the flow of funds.

IPT Africa’s cloud-based technology allows local currency transactions across +100 payment corridors to help you ease treasury management and streamline financial processes. With our treasury solutions, you can gain a comprehensive view of your organization’s financial position, allowing you to make informed financial decisions. Our digital payment systems provide a quick, secure, and efficient way to transfer funds between accounts, eliminating the need for time-consuming paper-based transactions.

Our solutions automate financial processes, such as invoicing and reconciliation, reducing your workload and freeing up your time for other critical tasks. Our transparent and real-time transaction tracking system provides greater visibility into your organization’s financial position, building trust with donors and stakeholders and ultimately increasing your credibility and funding. With our encrypted and secure digital payment systems, you can significantly reduce the risk of fraud, ensuring the safety of your organization’s financial assets.

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