Mass Payments

Manage your global payroll disbursements in a few clicks. Paying your employees throughout Africa has never been easier.

Choose IPT to deliver an integrated mass payment solution saving you both time and money when it comes to managing mass payouts and payroll across multiple countries and currencies.

Pay out locally

Access local African currencies and pay your people how they want to be paid. Direct to bank or mobile wallets.

Scale & Build

Send thousands of payments with a single file upload allowing you to quickly scale and build your business.

Compliant & Secure

Payments screened and monitored to highlight potential errors and full onward reporting to beneficiaries.

One way to manage your payouts
Across multiple recipients, countries and currencies

Access our entire payments ecosystem through a single API connection.
Streamline your operations and make simple real-time payouts in local currencies.
Scalable cross-border payments, with multiple channels and payment options