How To Manage And Scale Your African Payroll

African business opportunities are predicted to reach $5.6 trillion by 2025 with potential for trade spanning a range of industries. According to the World Bank,sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP has more than quadrupled in the past 20 years to $1.71 trillion. As opportunities continue to emerge global companies will look to expand and employ across the continent to take advantage of these growing economies. The problem they face is how to strengthen their foothold across the continent, add value to strategic initiatives and employ a workforce thousands of miles away from the head office and most probably operating in different time zones.

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Africa’s Time is Now

If you’re a start-up operating in Africa the common perception would be that the global pandemic of the past 2 years would have been a disaster for your business. Investment throughout Africa in 2019 was just $ 20 million. However, the pandemic has seen the adoption of online services by many customers who previously would not have taken them to rise dramatically and it is now being estimated the lack of legacy issues in Africa has seen a quantum leap of up to 10 years in some sectors. Fintech, Regtech, Agritech and consumer-focused services covering everything from online food delivery

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ESG Payments in Africa

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is now at the forefront of policy and actions as organisations and stakeholders look to build trust and accountability not only with investors but staff and clients in ensuring they are not only transparent from a corporate level but also ensure their actions can benefit and support society moving forward. By delivering continued sustained policies to achieve this global organisations can build a brand that is trusted and has long term sustainability and competitiveness amongst its peers. COP 21 has shown how it is easy at a country level to set big targets with deadlines

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