ESG Payments in Africa

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is now at the forefront of policy and actions as organisations and stakeholders look to build trust and accountability not only with investors but staff and clients in ensuring they are not only transparent from a corporate level but also ensure their actions can benefit and support society moving forward.

By delivering continued sustained policies to achieve this global organisations can build a brand that is trusted and has long term sustainability and competitiveness amongst its peers.

COP 21 has shown how it is easy at a country level to set big targets with deadlines many years away 2050 for example. However at a corporate level a top down approach with clearly defined and achievable deliverables can quickly align all parties to the goals that need to be achieved.

Africa and the finance sector are not immune to this and already investors are juggling the need to seek out solid long term investments with the need to balance their ESG commitments.This could be an investment fund that traditionally invested into mining projects now looking for long term green renewable energy projects not only to align themselves with the new demand from investors but also to satisfy the new lending mandates set by their bankers.

Payments are not immune to the new ESG criteria and organisations making payments into Africa should consider the following.

How efficiently are you making payments?

Are you making payments on an adhoc basis that may pass through a series of correspondent banks incurring fees as the payment moves along the network.

Would you prefer to bulk upload your payments via a single network and then have them credited directly through the local in-country African banking networks free of charge?

Do you offer your employees several channels to receive their salary? If they have to operate a local bank account just to receive their salary then this is not an ideal solution.

Would you like a solution that allowed payments to go directly to employees’ mobile wallets. This could in some cases negate the need for them to operate a local bank account and you as the organisation would be creating local wealth for the employee?

Organisations operating in Africa cannot afford to downplay the importance of ESG and payment solutions are available to support these initiatives IPT Africa provides payment solutions for clients looking to make payments into Africa and frontier markets. A single platform integration allows

Payments in 70 African and frontier market currencies.

  • Zero Transaction Fees.
  • SWIFT, local bank, mobile banking wallets.
  • Real-time transaction reporting.
  • Bulk upload to process batch payroll
  • Fully compliant and monitored transaction support

Looking for a frictionless payment solution to support your African operations?

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