Digital payments in the humanitarian industry

The ability for the humanitarian sector to access digital payments has become a vital part of their operations, with the pandemic revolutionizing the way digital payments work. With a spike in digital platform adoption during the pandemic, payments platforms, digital wallets and mobile payments have become an essential part of the global financial system.

NGOs across Africa are working tirelessly to address some of the most pressing humanitarian challenges of our time. Unfortunately, many of these NGOs face significant challenges when it comes to accessing and transferring funds. In many cases, traditional banking systems are either too slow, too expensive, or too unreliable to meet their needs.

This is where digital payments solutions come in. By leveraging the latest fintech solutions, NGOs can access faster, cheaper, and more reliable ways to transfer funds. These solutions can be particularly useful in crisis situations where time is of the essence.

Finally, it’s important to note that digital payments are not just a more efficient way to transfer funds; they also offer increased security and transparency. By using digital payments, NGOs can track the movement of funds in real-time and ensure that they reach their intended recipients.

 At IPT Africa, we believe digital payments to be the engine that will drive growth in emerging markets, creating economic opportunities, and supporting local economies.

Our integrated payment platform gives you real-time transparent rates across 100+ emerging markets, while our technology ensures payments credit with the full amount and zero fees are charged for sending them. We reduce the stress of operating in emerging markets and provide a range of security and monitoring solutions to ensure your payments always remain fully compliant.

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